Friday, January 1, 2010

Gopal uncle

I met Gopal uncle for the first time either in the year 2000 or 2001, dont exactly remember. My mother had stayed with his wife's parents in Singapore during a holiday some 25 years ago. Whatever, he was a cardio thoracic surgeon, completing his FRCS.

For the last 1 and half years, he was the chief cardio thoracic surgeon, at the Vadamalayan Hospital in Madurai. He used to come down to Chennai about twice a month, to visit his family who continued to stay in chennai. On the 26th of Dec, he fell down from the third floor of his apartment complex, and suffered extensive brain damage. On the 31st morning, he was declared brain dead. His wife immediately arranged to get his important organs such as heart liver and kidney harvested for transplantation.

I cannot really remember the first that struck me about him. He had a smiling face and soft voice. He was very easy to talk to, he had plans of moving to the UK or Singapore to train further. They had decided to enroll their 5 year old son in Montfort boarding school. That time their daughter was hardly 2 or 3 years old. We met him and on and off a few times before they moved to Singapore. My parents always used to say, that if they ever get a boy like Gopal for me, they would give me away with closed eyes. He was known as such an intelligent person.

We met him again, on my trip to Singapore in dec 2004. He took us out for lunch one day to this amazing Indian restaurant. We met him more often, after they moved to Chennai. He used to love coming home, to have a drink with my father. It is at these times, that i got to spend more time with him. He had this lovely way of motivating people without sounding preachy or superior. He climbed his career ladder a lot faster than normal doctors.

The other thing that made me respect him more than anything else, was the relationship he shared with his wife and kids. The patience, his firmness on certain things, and the way he handled his kids. He would never raise his voice unless its completely necessary. His kids used to adore him , and he would always strive to give them the best he could afford, in terms of a lovely posh house in a nice area, education in exclusive schools and sending them for every class and lessons they have wanted to attend.

Anyways i still cant believe he is gone. he had come home last hardly a month ago. I hope his soul rests in peace. I worry more for his wife and kids who were so close to him. I hope they stay strong and turn out with flying colors to do their dad proud.

We will miss you uncle.

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