Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year 2010!

ok 31st afternoon was lovely... i met 4 of my sweetest classmates from school. Sadhana, Ravi and Manoj! what i thought would be a half n hour meeting went on for 3 whole hours.... and the nicest thing was we laughed all the 3 hours and caught up on soo many things, argued, gossiped and fought, and for those 3 amazing hours, i thought we were back in the last row of our 12 C classroom :). I thought it would be one of those formal get togethers with friends, where you run out of things to talk about after like half an hour, and dint expect it to be 1/10th of the fun it turned out to be.

Ironically, I was damn excited about new years eve, as i was supposed to attend a friends party with my best friend. We did some decent decoration, we were going to make our own cocktails and mocktails and everything. Finally our high funda decoration turned out to be a few scented candles and some frozen sculptures with plants in between. The party as such had about 8 of us permanent people, and about 20 people who were floating crowd. These parties are now beginning to wierd me out, what do people really do at them? Just get drunk? This party, people were just walking around, and umm talking to people, and sitting around. Which basically results in leg pain! No one danced for more than 20 min.... and i found it excruciatingly boring cos i hardly knew anyone around. I had a vodka cocktail and 2 jell-o shots, and all i felt was an urge to pee! A few crazy pictures were taken. Next year, without feeling kanjus, i should just go to a proper party, where people dance away and do slightly crazy things, and more importantly a party where i have more closer friends around me! but all in all a nice party, where i got to meet a few old school friends. oh and the first time a partied till 3 in the night :D!

The new year morning though, was lovely, my mom picked me up at 6 in the morning, i walked my dog, played with her for awhile. Slept till 12, wished people who called home. and then watched a lotta tv! and basically spent the whole day doing nothing! my idea of a perfect new yr morning..... and yaa i already broke my new year resolution of not using bad language, and eating a fruit a day. but hey i drank cranberry juice on new yrs eve! ooohh nd my mum said my dad has bought me super expensive straightener from Dubai! cant wait to see it, nw m just hoping i get my hard disk also! I Should talk to my mum about it. and yaa today being the 2nd of jan i should start my slum report.

Oh the sad part about my new year is, that my mom told me early in the morning, that a very close family friend of ours Gopal uncle passed away. :(

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