Wednesday, December 30, 2009

fab india and brownies.... :D

Yesterday, I watched the movie 'A walk to remember'. It had been a long time since i saw a movie that made me cry, and i usually cry during the even slightly sentimental movies. It was about a girl and boy who fall in love, but the girl has leukemia and is going to die soon. The boy goes about fulfilling her wishes and making her happy. This is definitely one of the most wonderful movies ive ever seen.
Oh the brownies. I cant take credit for them completely. I took cash from my lil brother ;) and bought betty crocker chocolate fudge brownie mix, and voila! brownies were in there in precisely 30 minutes :)! they are the yummiest things ever. I am popping a huge piece in every time i literally look at the box.
Today, was an uneventful but a satisfying day. I did a little lingerie shopping after a really long time, and after that i went to fab india. I usually avoid the fab india store like the plague, cos its expensive, very smart, very pretty and addictive for me. Well, today i guess my mom felt indulgent, so we did end up going, and she bought me two long kurtas. That is one shop that makes me really crave long kurtas. I was so happy, yet i immediately began coveting the wrap around skirts and the shorts :(! ok thats def my next buy. Im beginning to dream of them now. My brownies indulgence continues.
I have been wanting to eat at Royal Biriyani for a really long time. Im hoping my mom takes me there tonight. That will be make a perfect day for me :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yesterday the 27th was nice too. I had a hair wash, which is becoming a momentous thing nowadays, as im becoming too lazy to do it, even twice a week. This is the ultimate proof of my mind changes from school ( where i used to wash my hair every alternate day even when i was suffering from 102 degrees fever). I had gone to my friend Alagu's place, to help with the new year party decorations :)! we never actually ended up doing anything. We jus sat, chatted and laughed a lot, which is completely cool with me. I love doing that. Oh and finally got some nice gossip :) been quite some time since i heard gossip, which really interested and mattered to me. Now im a little excited about the party :).

3 idiots

Ok today was a nice day. After a loonngg time i spent like half a day with my best friend Chini! We were going for the movie 3 idiots, to Ega. The cool thing is we travelled in the 29c together after soo longg.... It was soo nostalgic... It was lovely doing the same old gossiping and complaining about home thing and reasoning out..... Though the bus did take a different route for due to some huge diversion, it was good.
oh and i finally got to see 3 idiots. It was Fantastic. One of the cutest movies ive seen this yr and a grand closing for the amazing year 2009. Vidhu Vinod Chopra's direction was trademark. Aamir, Sharman and Madhavan, make the most adorable students ever. The comedy and the jokes were just hilarious. The story is about 3 students Roncho, Raju and Farhan who have come from really different backgrounds, and are coerced into engineering by their parents. The story is about how the education system and parents should stop pressurising kids, and how Roncho helps make the other 2 have fun during their 4 years of college life.
ooh nd i also had the Dahi Papdi chaat from Gangotree after ages :D Slurp Slurp! Now im going to start watching House season 2! Dr.House's ex girlfriend Stacy has entered the serial :D

Friday, December 25, 2009

Finally here!

ok i guess im really late. Then again better late than never. I have been wanting to start a blog like forever, ok for atleast about 4 years, but never really bothered to for a million stupid reasons. But anyways im happy i joined, i will try blogging atleast once every couple of days. My December holidays are happening now. Its such a relief from a hectic 2nd semester in ACJ. And to think that was a luxurious semester compared to the third.... im really going to die.

Well, i waited for my hols to start, and dreamt of making it 'rock'... well its not really happening... umm for a few reasons.... Yesterday was lovely though, meeting up with a few under-grad classmates.... was nice to catch up on a lot of gossip! oh yea i admit now.... i love gossip! :D I dont think we will ever change like even 25 years from noww :) oh yea these things are priceless though for the lunch as such there was cash.

Anyways my hols arent bad at all.... i jus realised i love sitting at home.... having nothing to do... Just lying in bed and dreaming away to glory. As for my dreams il type that it tomorrow. I have plans for coffee or tea with my 2 most best friends chini and vidya who are now studying in bangalore! il be meeting chini like after a million ages i think.... discount the 2 min last saturday... hope the plans do not get ditched!