Friday, December 25, 2009

Finally here!

ok i guess im really late. Then again better late than never. I have been wanting to start a blog like forever, ok for atleast about 4 years, but never really bothered to for a million stupid reasons. But anyways im happy i joined, i will try blogging atleast once every couple of days. My December holidays are happening now. Its such a relief from a hectic 2nd semester in ACJ. And to think that was a luxurious semester compared to the third.... im really going to die.

Well, i waited for my hols to start, and dreamt of making it 'rock'... well its not really happening... umm for a few reasons.... Yesterday was lovely though, meeting up with a few under-grad classmates.... was nice to catch up on a lot of gossip! oh yea i admit now.... i love gossip! :D I dont think we will ever change like even 25 years from noww :) oh yea these things are priceless though for the lunch as such there was cash.

Anyways my hols arent bad at all.... i jus realised i love sitting at home.... having nothing to do... Just lying in bed and dreaming away to glory. As for my dreams il type that it tomorrow. I have plans for coffee or tea with my 2 most best friends chini and vidya who are now studying in bangalore! il be meeting chini like after a million ages i think.... discount the 2 min last saturday... hope the plans do not get ditched!

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