Monday, December 28, 2009

3 idiots

Ok today was a nice day. After a loonngg time i spent like half a day with my best friend Chini! We were going for the movie 3 idiots, to Ega. The cool thing is we travelled in the 29c together after soo longg.... It was soo nostalgic... It was lovely doing the same old gossiping and complaining about home thing and reasoning out..... Though the bus did take a different route for due to some huge diversion, it was good.
oh and i finally got to see 3 idiots. It was Fantastic. One of the cutest movies ive seen this yr and a grand closing for the amazing year 2009. Vidhu Vinod Chopra's direction was trademark. Aamir, Sharman and Madhavan, make the most adorable students ever. The comedy and the jokes were just hilarious. The story is about 3 students Roncho, Raju and Farhan who have come from really different backgrounds, and are coerced into engineering by their parents. The story is about how the education system and parents should stop pressurising kids, and how Roncho helps make the other 2 have fun during their 4 years of college life.
ooh nd i also had the Dahi Papdi chaat from Gangotree after ages :D Slurp Slurp! Now im going to start watching House season 2! Dr.House's ex girlfriend Stacy has entered the serial :D

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