Wednesday, December 30, 2009

fab india and brownies.... :D

Yesterday, I watched the movie 'A walk to remember'. It had been a long time since i saw a movie that made me cry, and i usually cry during the even slightly sentimental movies. It was about a girl and boy who fall in love, but the girl has leukemia and is going to die soon. The boy goes about fulfilling her wishes and making her happy. This is definitely one of the most wonderful movies ive ever seen.
Oh the brownies. I cant take credit for them completely. I took cash from my lil brother ;) and bought betty crocker chocolate fudge brownie mix, and voila! brownies were in there in precisely 30 minutes :)! they are the yummiest things ever. I am popping a huge piece in every time i literally look at the box.
Today, was an uneventful but a satisfying day. I did a little lingerie shopping after a really long time, and after that i went to fab india. I usually avoid the fab india store like the plague, cos its expensive, very smart, very pretty and addictive for me. Well, today i guess my mom felt indulgent, so we did end up going, and she bought me two long kurtas. That is one shop that makes me really crave long kurtas. I was so happy, yet i immediately began coveting the wrap around skirts and the shorts :(! ok thats def my next buy. Im beginning to dream of them now. My brownies indulgence continues.
I have been wanting to eat at Royal Biriyani for a really long time. Im hoping my mom takes me there tonight. That will be make a perfect day for me :)

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